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The "green flash" is a spectacular phenomenon, often spoken of and eagerly awaited yet very seldom making its appearance, requiring a certain special alignment of atmospheric conditions that rarely occurs. But when this alignment does occur, the instant before the sun begins to rise a dramatic flash of intense green light is seen. Always a startling and delightful event, here it is portrayed heralding the sunrise and new day, seen from atop volcanic Haleakala on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Curiously, unlike many other natural phenomenon, the wonder of the green flash is all but completely lost in photographs or movies. Perhaps it requires the elements of spontaneity and surprise.

The green flash is an apt image to introduce Musart Enterprises! Conceived as the marriage of music and art by Maui visionary-pioneer Jan Roland, Musart traces its inspiration to the unique nature of Maui and the Spirit of Aloha of the Hawaiian islands. Within these pages music and art intermingle in the widest sense of their meaning, easily embracing culture, nature, and lots of play.

Musart looks forward to sharing new possibilities with you here. You are warmly welcome to explore the links below, and stop by from time to time to view the progress of our web presence.

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